In November 2008, Dr.Ponn Virulrak has returned from United States, where he has practiced architecture for 8 years after finished his Doctoral Degree. He has returned to Thailand and become a faculty member of Chulalongkorn University where he met Assistant Professor Dr.Atch Sreshthaputra, one of the leading expert of Green Building in the country. Together they have formed a team to provide consulting services for several green building projects in Thailand. It was an opportunity that has introduced Dr.Virulrak into the consulting industry.

Back in 2009, as a deputy director of International Program in Design and Architecture (INDA), Chulalongkorn University, Dr.Virulrak has met Mondop Srisongkram and Pongsak Dechra, Information Technology Experts. Together they initiate a research to develop online architecture practice management software called “Firm Management System” (FMS). After being welcomed by several leading architecture firms in Thailand, they decided to form “Wisdom Management Technology Partnership” (WMT), focusing on Design Firm management business.

In 2010, while practicing as a green building consultant and gain a reputation as a “technical plus marketing oriented” consultant, Dr.Virulrak has met Amornrut Det-Udomsap, the architect who is highly interested in Green Architecture and Sustainability, and Orachart Choomsai-Saito , the management expert. Together, they decided to form “Wisdom Strategic Management Partnership” (WSM), focusing on Green Building and Sustainability related content business.